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Well Woman Yoga Therapy for Health and Vitality throughout a Woman's life. Respect, Honour and Nurture your Feminine Energy ♡

" The Dance of Yoga"

Looking for more Freedom in your body? Align yourself From the Inside you are ready to move in, out and around those straight will greatly improve your range of movement and feel fantastic inside and out! 

Sweet Surrender to the Sea


The movement of water on the moonlit ocean

Reveals a subtle underlay

Taking the shapes of feminine forms.

For the Grace of the sea sylphs,

Dance in the rhythm with the moon's light to celebrate the waters of the Earth.    

Create a Sacred Space for your Yoga Practice. Nurture Yourself and Treat yourself with active Kindness.

Find that snake within..and express it from the Inside Out.

Change shall come~

"Snake Medicine represents transmutation, initiation, and transformation; psychic energy, wisdom, and creativity; mystery, the unknown, and life cycles. Snake teaches you to recognize that you are an eternal being experiencing mortality, you are constantly shedding anything that has served its purpose, in favor of something which is of greater value." 

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The rhythm of our individual cycles should be respected♡. - See more at:…/the-healing-power-of-me…/

"Ancient cultures valued the power of menstrual blood. It was often used in healing ceremonies. In Chinese medicine, menstrual blood was linked to a woman’s expression of her Essence."

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