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Mystery of my Own

Sculpt me

If my breath could shape me into snowflakes,

into rainbows, into clouds, softly,

i would regrow my white feathers and open my delicate arms to fly

I want to ride on these wings up to heaven.

I want to smell your pink fragile angel face,

being near to your innocent smile

flashlight your sweet soul to make myself home in your arms

If my breath could shape me into waters

I`d reserve all i have and would boil this heavenly energy on the sun

to radiate my existence to mountain high and

deep down to the throat of mother earth

have a touch, my dear, and surrender.

~ ~ ~

D a n c e~

I can`t keep my eyes opened but i`m pulled in towards a greater eye, towards the mess of my chest. This crazy never ending rumbling train track is twirling in my veins and makes me move, rushes me, feels me, irons my mind into flat; feels my sense to be real sharp for the taste pure for the breath to soak it in. Make me smoke and ashes. I want my naked flesh to burn into the dance.I want these crazy moves under my skin, deep down my throat, through my blood vessels. I wanna let it flow. Do whatever you want.Take me, I let it happen. Craving for the bareness of my soul, Craving for the beat of my every cell. When i give it to you, it will be untouched of harm or smoke.

I don`t want to sell a soul on the market. I want to be made for the rhymes of my heart. I want to be made for the grace of my drumming toes. I want to pay you to listen with Love and a deep look of my eyes.

I want to be Velvet on your Soul.

~ ~ ~

P r a y e r

Today i am thankful for all who ever taught me to listen through this silence.. Silence that speaks more than words. My vulnerability becomes my greatest strength. I am held in peace in the arms of the Universe.. stretching my toes towards greater heights as i am unlocking my heart to feel.

May this peace breath me in,may this peace breath me through,may this peace hold me, hold me close.

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