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Gabriella is passionate about teaching yoga and about the wellbeing of her clients. She teaches from the heart and focuses on a full Body-Mind-Spirit-Heart approach of yoga. She teaches dynamic Vinyasa yoga, Hatha Flow, Hatha Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Women Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Teenagers, Sacred Womanhood workshops and "The Dance of Yoga". She also works with private clients as a yoga teacher/ therapist combining her experience in yoga and healing.

Her love for yoga of various styles, creativity, dance, meditation, energy and intuitive healing influence her practice and teaching style day by day. Gabriella`s open-minded and joyful attitude to yoga offers a natural expression and approach to yoga as a whole understanding of Asana (posture), Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Meditation. Her passion is to understand, nurture and express our creative spirit and increase the depth of our understanding of yoga. In her personal practice and teaching she emphasizes feeling and sensing yoga from the inside out, with a specific focus on developing body awareness. Gabriella believes yoga is a connection to all that we are and to all that we can be together. She believes in liberating her body through persistent yoga practice, as she prefers teaching what she experiences and feels in her own body.

Gabriella gained excellent knowledge and practice of yoga and holistic studies in the USA. She was fortunate to complete her Hatha yoga teacher training as a 1:1 training and acquired great experience as a yoga teacher in Dallas, Texas. She has also contributed to several live music yoga events performing as a musician at yoga and fitness centres. She also works as an Angelic Reiki practitioner/ energy and intuitive healer. Her approach on yoga is well rooted in her creativity. Joyful Yoga has created in gratitude for the power of dance, music and poetry that nurtured the fire of her yoga practice all along. As a dancer, singer and poet she has found a new and even brighter side of herself as a teacher. Through the constant practice of various yoga styles and through constant spiritual studies and self- practice her teaching always empowered in a new dimension on yoga. Gabriella regularly attends workshops and courses for her personal development as she is so passionate about learning. She has also trained with Shiva Rae in Fluid Power yoga, as a a children yoga teacher by the Radiant Child Program, as a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and Women Yoga Therapy Teacher with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli as a baby massage and baby yoga teacher with Janine Hurley. She has also trained with Angela Farmer on her "Feminine Unfolding" course . Gabriella`s teachings keep unfolding day by day as she is constantly exploring her inner world through various self-practices, energy healing and as she practices the embodiment of yoga; the yoga that is her self- expression from the Inside Out.

~with the beautiful Angela .


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