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I believe Yoga is an Endless Journey Into the Beauty that is YOUR SPIRIT! 

"My heart is pulsing with passion, like waves on an ocean. I am at home, wherever i am.. I can see with closed eyes the beauty that dances. Behind the veils intoxicated with love, I too dance the rhythm of this moving world."~RUMI~

Yoga from the Inside Out

Owning and expressing your yoga practice from a level of increased body awareness and focus is the safest and most effective way to practice. As you invite feeling into your practice you will improve your yoga practice, taking it to a new level physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Finding ways to connect to the wisdom of our bodies and to our own inner teacher will help us to look inside rather than outside for the source of the light that shines within.As you learn ways to sense and feel your practice you will understand yoga beyond the postures, beyond alignment: your yoga practice will come to life from the inside out. Like a musician filling a room with harmonious sounds, you will fill your yoga postures with the radiance of your inner light.As you learn to express yoga from the inside out and to understand the intelligence behind the movement, your yoga practice becomes a meditation and your internal and external expression of yoga practice merges. You start discovering stillness in your movement. And you start getting in touch with the movement of energy inside of your body. You will also learn ways to hold your yoga postures for a longer period of time with comfort and ease.

Movement in Stillness ~ Stillness in Movement

Awakening the inner energy flow through the relaxation of the mind; carrying the flow of energy through movement in the stillness of the mind, creating full body-mind unity. That`s when the energy breaks free towards the realm of Joy defining a new level of body-mind-soul unity.

Be True to the Calling of your Spirit!

I am burning inside of a fire that is releasing me into the flame of Love

Such Sweet comments from my Lovely Students:

"During Gabriella's yoga class i felt like that my own body was giving me a massage!" ~ Nandini

"I love you! " ~ Billie

"I definitely noticed the difference in my posture. I always sleep well after your class. Thank you for teaching me to do the headstand, many teachers have tried before but the way you showed me helped me to understand how to do it " ~ Sam

"Thank you for making today`s experience so meaningful and interesting. We all felt uplifted and more in touch with our inner selves thanks to your beautifully expressed and honest approach to meditation." ~ Ealing Ladies

" I know now how to begin to explore what i can do to open my heart and surrender myself to stillness." ~ Barbara

Interview with Gabriella:

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