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Emphasis ~ The power of our Focus

Whenever I hear stories from people that sound like a difficult and negative experience for them, I am reminded. I am reminded of how easy it is to get lost in today's world, when the stories, advice and suggestions given to us through all sorts of media, channels and individuals are not coming from a positive, caring and mindful place, but instead are based on fear.
I am reminded of where I choose to put the emphasis in my life. I am reminded that my time is so precious and I have only a limited time to feed my own heart and soul, so I use it wisely. I am reminded that life is full of possibilities and choices and that I am conscious of where I want to be.I am reminded that I ride life's challenges with my inner eyes and ears open, rather than getting lost in listening to the opinions of others as to what I should do or who I should be.I am reminded of my connection to all things supportive and positive and that I am responsible for my own thoughts and way of living.I am reminded that I choose to face life's challenges with trust and strength in my heart.I am reminded that every obstacle in life is an opportunity for growth; and I can lead myself towards positive waters when I let my intuitive voice be heard and allow myself to listen to this very truth in the first place.So let us put the emphasis on what is important and uplifting. Let us give more power to all that feels right and less to what others think we should be or do. ♡
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