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Joyful Yoga Sanctuary

This year I have been savouring, indulging and soaking in all the beauty of our Sanctuary. I have been honouring  the richness of nature, the changes of the seasons, the vibrant colours of the sky, the smell of the forests, the recoiling of the ferns, the deep greenery of the moss. I have been adoring the wild beauty of the daisies, the blossoming of radiant flowers, the rich smell of nettles and admiring all the trees and plants in their own unique manifestations.  I have been transformed by allowing the rich songs of the birds to uplift my soul. 

Our visitors include deer, foxes, pheasants, magpies, bunnies, other tiny four legged creatures and all the sweet birds. Together they have turned our Sanctuary into an even sweeter and more magical place: a home of connection and harmony. The deep coloured lavender refreshes my senses. I have been transformed. I have been purified. The missing pieces of my soul have gathered and been integrated once more into their home.

By now I feel free to fly again and share this eternal beauty. I am here to guide your soul through the ups and downs of the moment, through the waxing and waning of the moon, through the changes of the seasons, through the cycles and rhythms of this moving world. I am here. Hold my hand and follow..♡
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