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Yoga From the Inside Out ~ Stilling the Waters

What an amazing gift to be alive at this time of my life. Tremendous work has been done both through my inner and outer journeys this year. A year that was full of surprise and navigation both through my inner core and through my beloved SweetHeart. I am hoping to mirror back all the Love that shines towards my heart from places that I have never known existed.  I bow to the Divine nature of the Universe for feeling beautiful from the Inside Out. By now i have been surrounded with the love that makes my heart beat with a sacred pulse. The pulse that everyOne's right to own and that is inherently given. Yes, it is. For each and everyOne of us. I feel as if i am floating from low and high. From the bottom of the Ocean, from a higher Space and all in between. I am a rhythm that is made to pulse and dance as I am moving through it all, that has ever been existed and that is just about to born.
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